The royal family is going through a massive crisis at the moment, however, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are receiving lots of love from the public and they are utterly confident and enjoying it. Kate Middleton and Prince William are back to work after a long holiday, kickstarting their year with a visit to Bradford city in West Yorkshire.

The Duke and Duchess engaged with an enthusiastic crowd and received a hearty and generous welcome. While interacting with the crowd, the royal couple did not show any signs of anxiety. Instead, they looked all-the-more confident while undertaking their royal duties. The visit to the northern England city comes after a big shocker delivered by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Earlier, this week, William's younger brother announced that they are "stepping back" from royal duties as senior royals. The bombshell left the world as well as the British royal family wondering and surprised.

Since William and Middleton were close to the Sussexes, they are thought to be the hardest hit. Nevertheless, on their Bradford trip, they looked in good spirits. Instead, Daily Mail is reporting that they appeared rather "unusually romantic." In a rare moment of PDA, William took out a rose, out of the bunch of white roses and gently presented it to her wife.

Meanwhile, body language expert Judi James had shed some light on the couple amid the royal rumble. With Harry and Markle parting their ways from the royal family, there have been "rumours of a rift" between the couples.

"The rock star reception with crowds screaming approval does have a visible effect on both William and Kate here, though, with their expression turning from mildly anxious to grins of utter delight as they greet the fans," James said.

During their visit, the duchess spent time with children, engaged with them closely, also had a lengthy conversation. In return, Cambridges returned lots of love to the crowd. Meanwhile, William's broad smile was said to be a sign of "genuine pleasure" he gains out of his royal duties.

As per the body language expert, William uses "humour" and "emphatic gesticulation" while engaging with the public which is a sign "that his confidence is back."

"Show-boating to the crowd he even hands his wife a rose in an unusually romantic PDA and it's clear from Kate's dimpled smile that she's enjoying the gesture too."

The expert said that these gestures were genuine and based on "feelings of relief and delight." Their generous audience allowed William to "drop is his guard" so much so that he could flirt with his wife a little. These flirtatious moments are certainly rare among the royals.

Thank you Bradford! #RoyalVisitBradford

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) January 15, 2020

"The pressure levels on these two must have been high over the past few weeks and bullying comments must have made them worry about negative public opinion after years of hard work to get it 'right' so it's not surprising that this upbeat reception made both William and Kate happy to be a bit more emotionally revealing than normal," James explained.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William ahead of a ceremony at the Commonwealth War Graves Commisions's Tyne Cot Cemetery on July 31 2017 Getty

Meanwhile, Kensington Royal, the couple's official Instagram account has released a new video giving a glimpse to their 10 million followers of their Bradford visit.