Prince William and Kate Middleton caught up with the SOS Children's Village and pupils from Islamabad Model College for Girls, both in Pakistan, during a video call last week. The royal couple was reunited with their old acquaintances they met during their royal tour of Pakistan last year.

Prince William and Kate Middleton played a game of Pictionary with the young students and reminisced about the time they spent in the country last October. A clip of the video call was released on their social media accounts Friday.

The couple first spoke to teachers from the Islamabad Model College for Girls via video call to hear how the school's activities have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The teaching staff told the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge about how they adapted to technology while the school was closed between March and September by providing tutorials to pupils and schooling via WhatsApp.

The parents-of-three joined the pupils for a virtual game of Pictionary - a guessing game in which players try to identify words from pictures drawn by other players.

"Is it a wedding?" Kate asked wearing a gold-coloured kurta. William quickly suggested "birthday," which was the right answer and Kate said: "Very good. That's a really hard one."

The duke opted for a shirt and blazer with no tie. "I'm really glad you guys are drawing and we're not having to draw. You're much better, you guys. "When asked if he and Kate liked drawing, William said: "Yes, definitely, we both like a little bit of drawing," before laughing and adding: "Catherine is very good, I am really bad," he said.

Kate Middleton, Prince William in Pakistan
Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan (L) recalled "the love and affection" Pakistanis felt for Princess Diana, the mother of Prince William (R), who is visiting with his wife Kate Photo: AFP / STR

William and Kate also spoke to staff and children from SOS Children's Village in Lahore. The paid had met many of them during their two visits to the village last October. The couple heard how the village helped to teach the children to combat the spread of COVID-19.