Princess Diana, had she been alive today, would have been left devastated by the rift between brothers Prince Harry and Prince William, because she wanted them to work together.

Royal author Andrew Morton discussed the alleged tension between the siblings on the "Pod Save the Queen" podcast. He said that "there is no question" that their mother would "be mortified" that they "got themselves into this emotional tangle."

He explained, "She always said to me on numerous occasions that Harry was William's wingman, that he was the second boy born into the Royal Family. She even looked at the past and pointed out that most members of the Royal Family just have a girl and a boy like Princess Margaret or two girls like Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother."

Morton shared that the late Princess Diana "really felt that Harry was there to support William in a very lonely job." He claimed that "she would find it very difficult that they are not communicating, at least not in public."

The biographer also compared the Duke of Sussex to his mother in how he conducts himself during royal engagements. He said that the 37-year-old shares his mother's charisma and that he is very natural with others.

"Prince Harry was and is a natural, he and his wife have got charisma and there is no denying that. People do respond to them in a very positive way when they meet him. There is obviously a lot of negativity surrounding their behaviour and their policies but Harry has always been someone who connects," he explained.

Morton admitted that he even gets transported 25, 30 years back whenever he sees the Duke of Sussex "kneeling down with his arm around some kid" because it feels like he is just watching Princess Diana.

Prince Harry recently reunited with the royals at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. He and Meghan Markle joined the family at the thanksgiving service at St. Paul's Cathedral. But they did not publicly interact or mingle with Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Charles. They were even seated far apart on the opposite side of the cathedral along with the rest of the non-working royals.

British royal family at Commonwealth Day service
There were reports of splits within the royal family, and a growing rift between Harry and William. Photo: POOL / Phil Harris