Charles Spencer, the younger brother of Princess Diana, is opening up about his late sister's resting place weeks ahead of July 1, what would have been her 60th birthday.

The 9th Earl Spencer revealed that he often visits his sister's grave, which is located on an island in the heart of a small lake at their family estate Althorp. He is sometimes accompanied by other family members for his visits to the gravesite, which he calls an "oasis of calm."

"Every landmark day, such as birthday, Mother's Day, I always take flowers. I do go a lot, and it's an oasis of calm, and it's a lovely place to go," the 57-year-old said.

The author will soon be visiting the "oasis" again on Princess Diana's upcoming milestone 60th birthday. His nephews Prince William and Prince Harry are due to unveil a statue of their mother on the occasion to honour her legacy, nearly 24 years after her death in a car crash.

"It will be an emotional day, but it will be a tribute to a much missed and much loved sister, mother, etc." Spencer said about the unveiling at Kensington Palace.

He also recounted a story about Diana's birth that their father used to tell him. "I remember my father always used to talk about the day Diana was born, 1st July 1961, and it was a sweltering hot day and this wonderful daughter appeared. It's so funny to be of an age now where your slightly older sister's 60," he said.

Spencer made the rare comments in an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, where he was invited to discuss the latest developments in Diana's 1995 interview with BBC Panorama. The journalist said that he hopes his sister would be pleased that the "truth is out" about the controversial interview, reports People magazine.

"She was taken into a very dark place, her paranoia was fed," he said.

A recent inquiry into the programme has concluded that interviewer Martin Bashir used forged documents to convince Spencer that two of his staff were being paid to leak information about their family. This is what prompted Spencer to approach her sister about the BBC journalist, who later agreed to her explosive interview where she made several revelations about the royal family.

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Princess Diana visiting the Sacred Heart Hospital in Sydney in April 1991. Getty