Princess Märtha Louise's shaman boyfriend appears to have backed off on his claims that he is a "hybrid of a space lizard."

Durek Verrett, a self-proclaimed shaman and author from the US with a celebrity following, created controversy over the weekend after he claimed in an Instagram post that he is no ordinary being but a reptile from another planet holding the energies of the old spirits from the old world.

"I am a hybrid of a space lizard ("reptilian") and Andromedia (princess from Greek mythology), and I also have ancient spirits from the ancient world," the 46-year-old claimed, as per Royal Central.

The self-proclaimed shaman even went on to mention the controversial conspiracy theories about lizard people controlling the politics and economy in the world, noting that lies have been told about his "species" that he wants to address. He described his "species" as a cluster of beings who have come to earth to create structures that help "fellow human beings" to liberation and shake up everything that limits or holds them from it.

He also spoke about a counterpart to his species- "The Gray," who have taken people away from the planet to learn about our weaknesses and how frequencies move through us. Expressing concerns about the latest and fastest mobile network 5G, Verrett said that it is being used to interfere with our frequencies.

Verrett wrote that he expects some people to disagree with his message but that he would still try to find an explanation. However, he later deleted the controversial post.

Meanwhile, the Norwegian Royal Court and Princess Märtha Louise's secretary refused to comment on her boyfriend's latest wild theory. The spiritual guru, who has been dating the royal for over two years, had previously claimed that he was a pharaoh (Egyptian monarch) in his past life and the Princess was his queen.

"When we're together and I look at her, sometimes I see another face. And she sees it in me, too. I have memories of us in Egypt, and she was my queen and I was a pharaoh," he had told People magazine, adding that his girlfriend also remembers their past life as she revealed to him at their first meeting set up by a mutual friend.

"She walked in and she said, 'I remember you, I know who you are.' I was like, 'Yes, we knew each other from a very long time ago.' It just came out of my mouth," he said.

The Princess herself confirmed her boyfriend's claims, telling the outlet, "I came in the door, and I recognized him straight away."

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Princess Martha Louise pictured with ex-husband, late Ari Behn, in June 2015 Getty