The Priory Group, which runs the largest independent network of mental healthcare hospitals and clinics in the UK, has launched a new clinic in Harley Street, London's prestigious medical district.

The new clinic, which will be located at 41 Harley Street, is designed to provide fast access to mental health treatment and will be open between 8am and 8.30pm Monday to Friday.

Renowned for treating celebrities suffering from addictions and depression, the Priory Group has invested nearly £300,000 in the centre which will be staffed by therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals.

News of the opening came on Tuesday (10 October), to coincide with World Mental Health Day.

"We hope to extend Priory's role in offering early diagnosis and prompt intervention, and play a proactive part in supporting all patients towards a better quality of life and long-term recovery," said Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, Priory Group's Wellbeing Centres clinical director and the group's associate medical director.

"Priory's Wellbeing Centres have proven incredibly popular across the UK and it feels timely and appropriate that we should bring our expertise to a second central London location, synonymous with high quality and specialist healthcare."

Priory Group added that the Harley Street centre has close links with Priory Hospitals in North London, Roehampton, Woking, Chelmsford and Hayes Grove in Kent, which enable people to access additional or more intensive support when required.

Andrew Hynard, the chief executive of The Howard de Walden Estate, which includes Harley Street, added the launch will add enormous value to the Harley Street medical area's offering.

"The Priory Group's specialists have a long and trusted track record of helping people affected by mental health issues and addiction.

"This new clinic in the Harley Street medical area is central to our overall vision for the area, which is to attract the brightest talent in medicine and to deliver the very best patient care. I am delighted they have chosen to bring their huge wealth of expertise to our community."