A private helicopter carrying at least five guests of a wedding landed inside a high-security prison in Bangladesh.

The incident happened on Thursday (10 August) when the chopper was flying over Kashimpur Central Jail and the pilot mistook it for a school ground and landed in a restricted region of the high-security jail.

The guards at the prison responded promptly suspecting it might be a jailbreak to free militant inmates. "This happened by mistake but the incident made us concerned as there are intelligence reports that terrorists could launch attacks to free militant inmates from this jail," Inspector General of prisons Brigadier General Syed Iftekhar Uddin said.

He also said that the wedding party was detained briefly but the helicopter flew away immediately.

The helicopter is from Meghna Aviation and Uddin said that the company has apologised for the fault. The passengers were freed to attend the marriage function in the nearby village after a brief interrogation.

The helicopter was reportedly hired by an expatriate named Billal Hossain. The 50-year-old has been living in Malaysia for several years and had come to Bangladesh for the wedding.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the pilot has denied the accusations. He told Dhaka Tribune: "That is now what happened. I landed the helicopter 1100 yards (3300 feet) away from the prison grounds. The place where we were going to land was waterlogged, so I had to put the helicopter down in a safe location."

The veteran pilot added that he has "been flying for over 30 years, I would not make a mistake. I landed the helicopter in the school knowing full well where everything was. It was not a prison. Things have been blown out of proportion by the media".