Woman in bed
Viktoria Ivachyova (not pictured) charges by the hour to personally warm men's beds, but does not allow anyone to touch her (representative image) iStock/Yuriyzhuravov

Do you hate getting into a cold bed before you go to sleep? Look no further than Russian entrepreneur Viktoria Ivachyova – the world's first professional bed warmer.

Ivachyova, 21, will lie in your bed for an hour before your bedtime for a one-off fee of 4,900 roubles (£65) or R94,800 (£1,290) per month to ensure you have the comfiest night's sleep possible.

She also bumps up her fees depending on how big your bed is because there's more cold for her to warm up. A daily warming for a month in a king-size bed will cost you £1,400.

There is one ground rule, however – no touching, no sex. In fact, she promises to carry a panic button with her just in case any clients get the wrong idea and jump into bed with her.

Clients are welcome to stay in the room with her and they are even allowed to strike up a conversation as she claims she's a "great listener" and enjoys listening to men about their issues.

She claims one man called her the day after his appointment and said "Vika, you're magic. Today I woke up, and I want to live."

Interest in Viktoria's strange new service has reportedly gone through the roof- forcing the Russian girl to hire more female staff to meet the demand. If you want your bed warmed by Viktoria, all you have to do is book an appointment with her and she will arrive dressed in her pyjamas ready for her hour-long session.

While she claims most of her clientele are currently men, she has not ruled out the possibility of taking on female clients if there is sufficient interest.

According to a report in the Mirror, Ivachyova said her inspiration for the idea came from a Russian novel by Anatoly Mariengof, where a poet hired a female typist to warm his bed every morning for 15 minutes, which helped him claim overcome a bout of writer's block.

Viktoria's company might have been a masterstroke for the winter months, if there wasn't such a thing as a heated blanket.