The Mexico City government has recently launched a gun exchange program to encourage gun-holding citizens to turn in their guns in exchange for gifts or cash in an effort to reduce gun-related crimes.

Children can also turn in their toy guns in exchange for non-violent toys.

Six-year-old girl Emily and her three-year-old brother Oscar went to the gun exchange station accompanied by their mother, and turned in two guns in exchange for as many toy trucks. The two children learned the perils of guns and decided to give up the toy guns.

A 74-year-old farmer Ernesto turned in a 22-caliber rifle and a 12-caliber musket in exchange for 400 US dollars, two laptops and some daily necessities.

3,957 firearms were turned in soon after the program began, exceeding a three years' total of 3,867 from 2008 to 2010, according to Rosa Rodriguez, minister of the social development department of the Mexico City government.

Despite the country enforcing some of the world's strictest firearms laws, Mexico remains among the countries with the highest numbers of guns per person in the world.

Authorities hope the gun exchange program will send a clear message that guns can be used to destroy life, and people should not keep guns at home to preserve a safe environment.

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