Now that the technical specifications of the Xbox Series X and PS5 are out in the open, consumer's shift their focus on another aspect. While Sony is yet to reveal how its new console will look like, industry analysts are speculating about the cost. Likewise, Microsoft has not indicated the price of its new machine even though it had been more forthcoming with details. Now, a retailer has allegedly disclosed new information which was not what anyone expected.

A report from CCN notes that Canadian company Play N Trade Vancouver Island is now accepting pre-orders for the PlayStation 5. Moreover, it apparently shared the price on its Facebook page which listed the console at approximately $388. On top of the pricing, the social media post assures consumers that availability is still on track for this fall. Meanwhile, Sony has not communicated anything new after its recent presentation with lead system architect Mark Cerny.

This comes as a big surprise after several sources suggested that the price for the PS5 upon launch would be above $450. In fact, the most recent speculation pegs the cost to be around $1,043. Gaming industry experts weighing in on the pricing believe that Sony and Microsoft might end up selling their game systems at a loss. Even though both consoles are equipped with cutting-edge hardware, it would already be difficult to convince gamers to spend more than $500.

Therefore, if the next-generation PlayStation does launch with a $388 price tag, it would definitely sell more units provided the Xbox Series X is priced higher. However, earlier this year, Xbox chief Phil Spencer assured gamers that its latest platform will not lose out when it comes to price and performance among others.

Sony PS5 deep dive with Mark Cerny
While the public was expecting a more traditional PS5 reveal presentation, Sony once again opted for an odd approach not many appreciated. Photo: Sony

On paper, Microsoft's new Xbox is evidently more powerful than the PS5. Furthermore, hands-on demos extended to journalists and its partners showcase its capabilities and new features. Sony is the clear winner of the current console generation with Nintendo at a close second. Analysts believe that its huge library of first-party and third-party exclusives would give it an edge over the Xbox Series X upon launch. It's too early to tell until both companies share everything about their respective consoles including the price.