Now that the dust has somewhat settled after the respective reveals of the Xbox Series X and PS5, a new type of debate has surfaced. It seems that industry experts are somewhat in disagreement regarding each console's capabilities. On paper, it does show that the new Xbox is significantly more powerful, yet some would argue that the upcoming PlayStation will outperform its rival through its features and functionalities. Now another high-profile research group shares their opinion on the matter.

A related article previously noted that Sony has a clear advantage at this point. Sources cited that the PlayStation 5 will rely on its huge library of platform exclusives to outpace the competition. Even until now, the Xbox One is struggling to attract consumers since its catalogue of titles cannot match that of Sony's console.

Looking at the release calendar for 2020, high-profile games such as "Final Fantasy VII Remake," "The Last of Us Part II," and "Ghost of Tsushima" will all ship out for the PlayStation 4 in the next few months. The Xbox One, on the other hand, just recently welcomed the arrival of "Ori and the Will of the Wisps" which is limited to the console and PC.

As Forbes puts it, the analysts from DFC Intelligence seem to be in agreement that Microsoft's system is technically superior. This holds true for consumers who might be looking at the number of teraflops each machine can handle. So far, the Xbox Series X is leading with 12.15 in contrast to the PS5 which sits at 10.29.

Meanwhile, it was likewise noted that Sony is currently in the lead with the PS4 and should carry over that advantage in the next space. Given that backward compatibility will be a major functionality for both consoles, the more games available and playable upon launch will determine the winner in most cases.

Sony PS5 deep dive with Mark Cerny
While the public was expecting a more traditional PS5 reveal presentation, Sony once again opted for an odd approach not many appreciated. Photo: Sony

Microsoft is already teasing the Smart Delivery feature of the Xbox Series X which will optimise the game to match the maximum capabilities of the console. What this means is that gamers are somewhat guaranteed the best experience even for older titles. Sony has still a lot to reveal about the PS5 and it is likely that virtual reality and other unique functionalities will position it ahead of its rival.