Next-generation console gaming has officially begun as the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5 enter the gaming market. The most recent one that launched was Sony's new platform, which industry analysts have identified as the more innovative of the three. As such, demand for it is purportedly higher than its rivals which means it will be difficult to secure one if consumers failed to preorder theirs. Nevertheless, there could be some retailers that might have surplus stocks.

Barely a week before its official release, the manufacturer already announced that it plans to sell the PS5 via online channels only. This decision seems to be an attempt to prevent transmission of SARS-COV-2 from people crowding stores. Earlier this week, reports highlighted a scene at a local GameStop in Greenfield, Wisconsin wherein buyers lined up to hopefully purchase an Xbox Series X. So far, there are no indications that gaming establishments will offer it in-store.

PlayStation 5

A report from TechRadar compiled a list of retailers that might likely have multiple supply drops within the next 24 hours. Interested buyers can regularly check their pages online to see if inventories have been restocked. Sources pointed out that Walmart might have more which it regularly updates, while Best Buy appears to have run dry. Meanwhile, Amazon is speculated to release its PS5 inventory in batches to deter resellers.

PS5 bundle

At $499, most consumers have likely set aside a budget for the basic package which includes the console, DualSense controller, and the conventional accessories to get started. On the other hand, GameStop is advertising a $799.99 set which comes with the standard PS5 kit, an extra DualSense controller, two PS5 games, and PSN Plus subscription. Given the higher price, there might be some stocks left.

PS5 accessories

Unlike the console, there seems to be enough inventory for optional add-ons. Aside from the remarkable haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the DualSense gamepad, 3D audio is another cutting-edge feature of the console. The Pulse 3D headset is the first official accessory that supports the aforementioned acoustic enhancement technology. The final two are the DualSense charging station and the HD camera. As for the PS5 Digital Edition, this is perhaps the most difficult item to come by.

Sony unveils the PS5 and its accessories
It appears the contour of the stand should be able to interchangeably hold the console on its side or on its bottom. Photo: Sony