After botching its CES 2020 press conference related to the PlayStation 5, Sony is allegedly making its fans worry. The lacklustre logo reveal pales in comparison to The Video Game Awards unveiling of the Xbox Series X, which stunned the gaming industry. In addition to the new emblem design, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) executive Jim Ryan did not even share anything new related to the specifications save for what was already revealed last year.

GameSpot points out that the crowd's reaction when the PS5 logo came up on the screen was somehow muted. After the presentation wrapped up without any teasers or surprises, gamers quickly took to the internet to express their disappointment at what just transpired. Roughly a week before CES 2020, there was speculation that Sony was gearing up to unveil its new console at the expo.

However, it appears the CES 2020 event debacle might have prompted the Japanese gaming company to do some damage control. Ryan was recently interviewed by Business Insider Japan and the SIE CEO supposedly had something to share about the PlayStation 5. Credit goes to Gematsu for the translation wherein he confirmed that there are more features on top of the ones highlighted during the show.

According to Ryan, "There are still more unique elements for PlayStation 5 to come that separate it from previous consoles." From what industry experts can gather, the upcoming console might be packing new functionalities that will enhance the gameplay experience. It might be in the form of a new feature or innovative accessories such as an upgraded PlayStation VR headset.

Meanwhile, Microsoft indicates that it has no plans to introduce virtual reality support for the Xbox Series X for now. Xbox chief Phil Spencer reportedly said, "nobody's asking for VR." He noted that the technology is "isolating" which is apparently not what gaming should be in his opinion.

Although it was yet to be officially confirmed by Sony, backward compatibility is rumoured to be one of the most sought-after features that will be available on the PS5. This was recently backed up by leaked internal testing data from AMD, which likewise listed the processing power of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Ryan, assures PlayStation 4 users that the company will continue to support the platform during the transition phase to the next-generation machine.

Jim Ryan Sony
Jim Ryan during an E3 interview last year. GameReactor