Sony's highly anticipated CES 2020 press conference was considered a mixed bag by journalists. It took advantage of the event to showcase the latest tech it has in store for various products in its catalogue. In fact, there was even a big surprise when the company CEO Kenichiro Yoshida introduced the Vision-S – a concept EV that is packing cutting-edge sensors, 360-degree immersive sound, and a panoramic display that stretches across the dashboard. Regrettably, when the time came to talk about the PlayStation 5, everything reportedly fell flat.

At one point during the presentation, Yoshida handed the stage to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President Jim Ryan. As expected, he was in attendance to discuss the state of the PlayStation franchise and what Sony has in store for the future.

There were several milestones highlighted in addition to the lineup of titles still slated to come out for the PlayStation 4. However, the highly anticipated unveiling of its next-generation system turned out to be nothing more than another teaser.

The way industry analysts see it, Microsoft's jaw-dropping debut of the Xbox Series X last year stole the momentum from Sony. Instead of using the first biggest tech show of 2020 to upstage its rival, the Japanese gaming outfit just gave the public a preview of the PlayStation 5 logo, reports CNet.

Furthermore, Ryan just confirmed what consumers already know about the console. It looks like the hardware unveiling might be reserved for another date or event. There is speculation that both companies are still finalising the specifications of each respective commercial model.

Even the Xbox Series X only has the design to show, but Microsoft is yet to list down the exact numbers. As for the PS5, the only images available to give people an idea of what it might look like are photos of the dev kits, which are circulating online.

Despite the disappointing news from CES 2020, Sony and Microsoft are practically on even ground when it comes to publicity. Nevertheless, a recent leak of AMD internal testing data seems to suggest that the Xbox Series X might be more powerful than the PlayStation 5. Until the official details are published, everything should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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