Microsoft is already sharing some fascinating details about the Xbox Series X. Recently it finally confirmed some relevant technical specifications about the console and its features. Sony, on the other hand, is being criticised for its apparent radio silence regarding the PS5. Moreover, it also cancelled its appearance for two annual gaming-related events. Fans are just waiting to snap up any tidbit of updates from the manufacturer. It seems insiders were likewise eager to dig up something and stumbled upon an odd patent for a PlayStation controller with biofeedback features.

While previous leaks have exposed the actual design of the PS5 dev kits, little is still known about the DualShock 5 controller that will accompany the console. Previous rumours noted that it might have a built-in microphone for voice commands, an embedded touch display, and additional buttons on the back. From what the illustrations show, it is likely that these biometric sensors might not be integrated, but would be an optional accessory.

The NEW #PlayStation5 controller might be able to use biofeedback (heart-rate/sweat secretion)...😳

Can't wait to play horror games with that amazing feature 😱! #PS5 #Sony #Gaming #dualshock5

— GermanStrands (@GermanStrands) February 24, 2020

The documents show various configuration wherein it would slide into the lower section of the grips or entirely cover the buttons including the triggers on each side. Nevertheless, its function is to detect electrodermal activity, as reported by Tom's Guide. The system will supposedly measure how much the user is sweating in response to an in-game element. Moreover, additional sensors are also on board to monitor heart rate. These might be one of the new features of the PS5, to enhance a player's experience.

Data collected by the sensors are then processed by an "output unit" as indicated in the patent documents. Gaming industry experts speculate that game developers can program their games to dynamically adapt to the stress levels of the player. One potential application would be for horror games, wherein the difficulty and intensity of frightening interactions will adjust according to how the user reacts.

PS5 game development feedback from game studios
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If the PS5 does include this unique feature, it is possible for game studios to program their titles to feel more immersive. Each individual playing the same game will have varying experiences according to how they are reacting to visual stimulus during their playthrough. A related report also uncovered another patent document from Sony that illustrates a new VR controller, which might possibly be for the PSVR 2.