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PlayStation 4 users around the world are currently unable to access online functionality and features on the PlayStation Network as the service appears to be down. The outage has occurred on the launch day of EA's anticipated shooter Battlefield 1.

Sony's PlayStation Network status page currently (updated: 18:35pm BST) states there is no problem but IBTimes UK is currently unable to access PSN.

Earlier today (21 October) the EA Support Twitter account responded to gamers around 1pm BST. The account has been telling disgruntled players: "There are connection problems to the PSN at the moment. We look into this as we speak."

IBTimes UK has reached out to Sony for comment.

PS4 gamers are flooding to Twitter to voice their disappointed in the outage and its particularly bad timing. One user said: "Really PlayStation ? I just played Battlefield1 like 10 minutes and now the PSN is down? Come on, I just want to play!"

The outage may be linked to a DDoS attack targeting DNS provider Dyn, which has affected major websites like Twitter, Spotify and Reddit.

Battlefield 1 is EA DICE's highly anticipated shooter based on the events of the First World War. While it does have an offline, single player mode, Battlefield is renowned for a multiplayer portion that most players will buy the game for.

As EA has explained however, the current issue is currently only affecting the PS4 version and is not down to any problems on their end. The Xbox One and PC versions of Battlefield are currently running fine.

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