Rachel Holland, a resident of Kent, England, left no stone unturned while looking for her son and is still fighting to get justice for his death. She claims that she was able to find her son's body with the help of a psychic from the United States.

The 50-year-old woman sought the help of a psychic named Mary Lawton Johnson to locate her 27-year-old son Alex Holland's body.

She saw her son for the last time on the night of November 28, 2021 when he stepped outside their front door to have a smoke. Holland now claims that it was the psychic from Florida, US, who helped her and Kent Police locate Alex's body 1.5 miles away from the home.

She claims that Johnson sent her emails with maps highlighting the areas, including the bodies of water, where the search should be conducted. Holland forwarded the emails to the police, but they refused to search the area.

Alex's body was eventually spotted by a dog walker face down in the water in February. The mystic also claims that he was murdered and that three people were involved. Johnson, who had never set foot in Kent, claims that she had seen visions of Alex's face down in a pool of water.

"I was born with the gift of being a remote viewer psychic medium. It's a very scary gift to some. I've had it all of my life and I don't charge for my gift," she told the Daily Star.

"I give it away so that families such as Rachel can have closure as well as spirit. I am a family's last hope when the system has failed them."

Alex Holland's phone was found in his car later, but there was no suicide note. The exact cause of his death has not been confirmed yet, per a report in The Mirror. However, Rachel and her family are convinced that Alex was murdered.

"It will never be over for me as I've lost my son forever. I'm glad it was an open verdict as it can be reinvestigated at any time," she said after an inquest hearing earlier this week.

"I just feel numb. I honestly believe my son was murdered. He was found in the water but with no water in his lungs. So, I believe he was dead when he was put in it," she added. Alex Holland had been living with his parents after separating from his wife. His body was found 81 days after he went missing.

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