The members of the British royal family always portray a prim and proper demeanor, especially in public, but a resurfaced video shows Prince William and Queen Elizabeth II engaging in some typical family behaviour.

The video is from "Trooping the Colour 2016," the official birthday celebration of the Queen, which William attended with his wife Kate Middleton, children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and other members of the royal family. The clip showed the Duke of Cambridge, dressed in a ceremonial uniform for the Irish guards, being "told off" by the Queen for looking distracted on the palace balcony.

The video, shared by TikTok account @brittoker on Wednesday, July 21, shows William getting down on one knee next to his eldest son Prince George. He was pointing at the sky, trying to get little George's attention to look up at the Royal Air Force flypast that was taking place above the palace, but his grandmother looked rather unimpressed with his behaviour.

When William turned around to talk to his wife Kate and his brother Prince Harry, the Queen subtly touched his arm and appeared to gesture to him to "stand up." The future King took his grandmother's advice, stood up, and commented on the RAF planes' synchronised moves above Buckingham Palace.

The video was captioned, "Never too old for a telling off from your grandma." More than 25,000 people have seen the clip in just two days, with many joking about their exchange. "Queen says stand up, you stand up," one quipped, while another commented on a more serious note that the monarch was only asking him to stand up to "pay respect to what was going on at that one moment."

A third one argued, "He was getting scolded of [sic] being a good father. Just because he needs to stand upright like royalties do, are they even human?"

According to one body language expert, William has often displayed similar behaviour at other public events, proving that he is preparing his eldest son George for his role as the future monarch. Judi James told Daily Star: "George holds hands with his parents to walk with them in a more mirrored way and he is usually shown holding his dad's hand in a way that suggests William is keeping his son close while inducting him into his future royal role."

Queen Elizabeth II
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge gives Queen Elizabeth II a tour as they open the new East Anglian Air Ambulance Base at Cambridge airport Chris Jackson/ Getty Images