Queen Elizabeth II is scaling back on her public appearances because of her frail health and is believed to be too proud to be seen using a wheelchair.

The 95-year-old British monarch missed the Commonwealth Day service in London last week at Westminster Abbey because she is said to be pacing her diary. But concerns are that she is struggling with her mobility amid her frail health.

The queen may not be as agile as she once was but she is still committed to performing her duties as much as she can. She has even resumed her in-person engagements at Windsor Castle following her COVID-19 recovery. In the photos taken from these meetings, she is seen looking weak but standing up nonetheless without the use of her walking stick.

According to TV presenter Christopher Biggins, Queen Elizabeth II does not want to show that she is feeling weak. Speaking to GB News, he said, "I have heard the reason she's not doing a lot of the events she should be doing is because she's in a wheelchair. She doesn't want to be seen, because she's very proud."

"She's very proud and she's been like this for the whole of her life. She's been the most wonderful monarch," he added.

Another source claimed that Queen Elizabeth II does not want to be seen in public, because she fears a repeat of the "haunting" photo taken of her late sister Princess Margaret months before her death in 2002.

"It's so very sad and I hope she is able to make her anniversary celebrations," Biggins added.

Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 70 years on the throne from June 2 to 5. But ahead of the celebrations, she is expected to attend Prince Philip's memorial at Westminster Abbey on March 29. According to reports, senior aides at Buckingham Palace are planning a military-style operation to get her to London from Windsor Castle in comfort and out of the public eye. There will be barricades to prevent photographers from taking her pictures as she exits her car because she does not want to be seen using a wheelchair to get inside Westminster Abbey and to her seat.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II tested positive for coronavirus on February 20 Photo: POOL via AFP / Chris Jackson