Evan Peters as Quicksilver (centre) in Days of Future Past. 20th Century Fox

Quicksilver only featured in X-Men: Days of Future Past briefly, but he made a lasting impression as the star of the most memorable scene in Bryan Singer's mutant epic.

Hired by Charles Xavier, Beast and Wolverine to break Magneto out of the Pentagon, the aforementioned mutants find themselves confronted by Pentagon officials in a kitchen when Evan Peters' Quicksilver uses his super-speed to save the day.

It's an astonishing sequence that wowed audiences, so it's no real surprise that the character will return for 2016 sequel X-Men: Apocalypse, but it has been confirmed nonetheless by second unit director Brian Smrz.

Speaking to Newsarama he said: "Well, there will be another Quicksilver scene, which I'm looking forward to; that'll be fun. Other than that, I can't really say much - I'm looking forward to working with the cast and crew again.

"I've worked with Hugh Jackman four times before this, and I love the younger cast who's already great to work with as well."

On top of this, Smrz revealed his interest in directing an X-Men spin-off starring Quicksilver.

"We talked about Quicksilver before, I'd love to do a Quicksilver as a solo film because there's a lot to enjoy with that character. But I'm not geared just towards superhero movies; for me it's about great main characters, and finding movies that have that."

X-Men: Apocalypse will be released on 19 May 2016.