"Raised by Wolves" showrunner Aaron Guzikowski talked about Mother's pregnancy, her snake child, the tropical zone, and more teases for season 2 in a recent interview. He confirmed fans' theories that the simulation impregnated the android but could not say who but only how.

He said that Mother was "digitally impregnated while she was inside of the simulation." Given that she is very advanced, she was able to create something inside of herself by following instructions. He likened the process to a 3D printer.

"If she can get the materials, in this case, one of the materials is plasma, human blood, to build this thing, it can be done in a very different way than a human being would create a baby," Guzikowski told Collider and said that Mother can "create anything inside of herself if given the proper instructions and given the right materials."

Her baby was not what everyone expected. She gave birth to a snake and not a human child that grew to an immense size. The season 1 finale saw the monstrous snake slither into the air (as it can fly). When asked if the creature could get any bigger in "Raised by Wolves" season 2, Guzikowski hinted that it could rival Godzilla's size.

"I'm a huge fan of Godzilla, but I also like to keep things manageable, so we'll see," he teased.

The showrunner revealed that the snake shares DNA with those Mother and Father found buried in the ground. However, it is a "hybrid version of that" and possibly smarter since it came from an advanced android. He added that Mother and Father will regret not killing the monster before it got bigger.

In the same interview, Guzikowski also answered some of season 1 finale's burning questions. He said that the ship that appeared is Mithraic-invented but the passengers are all atheists. He also confirmed the appearance of another pentagonal temple in "Raised by Wolves" season 2. He said there are five of them as told in the Mithraic scriptures and "in each of them is supposed to be hidden the answers to the sort of the ultimate Mithraic mysteries, the thing everybody's trying to get to the bottom of."

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