John Radcliffe Hospital, Children's Wing
Amy was 17 when she was raped by a nurse at John Radcliffe Hospital while being treated for a drug overdose. Wikimedia Commons

A mother has spoken of how her daughter spiralled into mental illness and has been confined to a secure mental health unit after being raped by a male nurse when she was 17.

In 2004 'Amy' (now 28) was being treated for a drug overdose at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, when she told her mother, 'Jenny', she had been raped by nurse Oliver Balicao, 37. (Amy's and Jenny's names were changed to protect their identities.)

Jenny told the Daily Mirror that Amy screamed, "Mum, don't let him near me! He shouldn't be in here! He's raped me!" when Balicao entered the room.

Amy's mother described Balicao maintained a professional demeanour, and she put Amy's accusation down to her daughter hallucinating from the drugs and medications in her system.

In 2010, Balicao was convicted at Reading Crown Court for raping Amy in 2004 and was sentenced to nine years in jail.

He had already been jailed for indecent assault in 2002 and having consensual sex with teenaged patient in a toilet in 2007, banned from working with children under 16 and placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

"I felt ill as I read how it was alleged that father-of-two Oliver Balicao had raped a 16-year-old girl in the same A&E department where Amy had been taken," Jenny tells the Daily Mirror.

"I took one look at the mug shot of the nurse and felt sick to the pit of my stomach. It was the same nurse who had 'looked after' Amy," said Jenny. "The same one Amy had accused of raping her."

"Balicao had not only violated my daughter, he'd also stripped her of the chance of a normal life. His sick, perverted actions had opened a door in my daughter's mind that could not now be shut," she told the Daily Mirror.

Amy's mental health deteriorated after the attack, said Jenny, leading her to be diagnosed with serious paranoid schizophrenia.

Amy remains in a secure mental hospital. "I'm doing all this time for him! Eight years I've been locked up," she told her mother.

"And she's right. It's my Amy who is serving the real sentence," said Jenny.