Disturbing clips of women being interrogated, tortured and raped were shown as evidence during a hearing at Bristol Crown Court. The videos were shot by Grimes artist Solo 45, whose actual name is Andy Anoyke. The 33-year-old Bristol man claimed that he enjoyed rough sex and the women in the videos had consented to abuse. Of 31 charges against Anoyke, he has been found guilty of 30, which he committed against four different women. His sentencing hearing will be decided after a psychiatric evaluation is conducted.

The jury heard Anoyke's victims narrate the abuse he subjected four women to over a two-year span. One of the victims claimed that Anoyke held a gun to her head while raping her. Another stated that Anoyke hit her on her head with her phone, leaving her bleeding. A third victim told the court that she was afraid that she was going to die as Anoyke raped her and held her captive. The court also heard that Anoyke's sexual abuse was so bad that his victim hoped that she would die as it would stop the pain.

Apart from the victim statements, the jury was shown graphic clips recorded by Anoyke on his phone. In the videos, he was seen interrogating and shaming the women about previous sexual partners. The jury of seven women and five men also saw clips where Anoyke physically assaulted the victims.

Bristol Live reported that Anoyke denied all charges against him. He stated that he had engaged in consensual sex with the women. He even claimed that the women used to "fake cry" during sex.

The trial which started on November 21, 2019, is nearing an end after Anoyke was found guilty of 30 charges. Anoyke is guilty of 21 counts of rape, five charges of false imprisonment, two charges of assault by penetration, and two charges of actual assault occasioning actual bodily harm. After the jury's decision was heard on Wednesday, Anoyke did not seem to express any emotions.

Judge William Hart has ordered a psychiatric evaluation of Anoyke before his sentencing. The former Boy Better Know member's next hearing date has not been declared.

Bristol Crown Court
Jury at Bristol Crown Court unanimously found rapper Solo 45 guilty of 30 charges including rape, false imprisonment, and assault. Wiki Commons