Ray Donavan season 3
Katie Holmes guest stars as stylish businesswoman Paige in Ray Donovan season 3 premiere Showtime/screenshot

Ray Donovan will return with its third season on 12 July at 9pm on Showtime.

The premiere episode is titled The Kalamazoo, where Ray is enlisted by a wealthy family to free their son.

Here is the plot summary for episode 1:

Ray is adrift from his family, estranged from Ezra, and his latest celebrity client is a nobody with tawdry sense. But after he's called to the funeral of a close friend. A wealthy family enlists Ray their kidnapped son. And he finds himself enmeshed with an entirely new class of people. Meanwhile, a retired Mickey stumbles upon a new enterprise. Unforgiven by Ray and rejected by Bridget, Abby encounters a new friend on the streets of Los Angeles. Running the fite club has given Bunchy confidence in certain arenas, but when it comes to collecting membership dues from an intimidating troupe of luchadores, he loses his nerve.

Season 2 ended with Ray basically burning all his bridges after Ezra ordered the murder of the Boston Globe reporter Kate McPherson despite Ray's protests, in order to protect their secrets.

There is a few months gap between both the seasons and Ray is now working on his own but continues to ache at his friend's betrayal. He takes up the case to rescue the kidnapped son of Ian McShane's character.

The first trailer for season 3 of Showtime's hit drama finds Ray as the Boston thug-turned-Hollywood fixer trying to rebuild his empire.

The trailer introduces special guest star Katie Holmes as a tough, stylish businesswoman Paige, the daughter of billionaire Andrew Finney played by Ian McShane.

The trailer announces that "a good family business is not the same thing as a good family."

According to a TV Guide report, the show is saying goodbye to a significant character in the season 3 opener episode.

"Someone very close to him dies just moments into the Season 3 opener. And while Ray, as usual, never lets the pain truly show, in fact, he basically avoids seeing his wife and kids, who want to help him reckon with his feelings," says the report.

It is clear that Ray is carrying some extra guilt along with all his other pent up emotions this season.

Who will die? All questions will be answered when Ray Donovan returns on 12 July.