Former Wales assistant coach Raymond Verheijen has accused Arsenal of negligence for Aaron Ramsey's latest hamstring injury which may see him out of action for more than a month.

The midfielder has already served two hamstring injuries, once in October and the other in December, missing almost two months of action and failing to recapture the level he displayed last season.

The midfielder came on as a second half substitute against Leicester but could only last minutes since his induction, pulling up midway and asking for assistance as the Gunners met with yet another setback in what has been an injury ravaged campaign.

The Gunners currently have five players out from the first team with injury, including Mathieu Debuchy, Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta, Serge Gnabry and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain with Verheijen blaming Arsene Wenger's training regime for the persistent problems.

The Dutchman has been a vocal critic of Wenger's methods and has urged the Frenchman to mend his ways or see Ramsey's career go up in smoke.

"There are two solutions. Either Arsenal sort themselves out or Aaron has to go to a club... where training is more balanced," said Verheijen, as quoted by the BBC.

"It's one or the other. The medical staff can only cure the problem but football coaches cause the problem because they are responsible for football training sessions," he added.

Arsenal's 2-1 win against Leicester also saw Alexis Sanchez, who was coming back from a hamstring injury, taking a knock on the knee early in the first half. This hindered his play and he had to eventually be pulled out in the second period.

Wenger revealed that the Chilean had brushed off any worries and wanted to come out in the second half in spite of the 65-year-old willing to cut his return short.

The Gunners are currently fifth in the league, a point and two behind Southampton and Manchester United respectively and need all bodies on hand if they have to secure their 18th straight qualification into the Champions League.