Israel's Interacting Technology to upgrade Real Madrid mobile app
Football club Real Madrid's official logo Getty Images

An Israel-based technology firm is all set give Real Madrid's mobile app a complete makeover. The Santiago Bernabeu outfit is collaborating with the Spanish subsidiary of Interacting Technology called Sportech Interactech to upgrade the app.

The association could be profitable for the technology company as it is expected to rake in millions of dollars. The company specialises in providing innovative content across online and social media platforms.

Founder and CEO of Interacting Technology Liav Eliash was quoted by The Jerusalem Post as saying: "The combination between Real Madrid's international brand and our community management and monetization capabilities creates a unique potential that will affect the entire global fan community and make them feel closer to the club."

Real Madrid launched the Microsoft-developed app in May 2015 that offered fans the ability to view premium content in several languages. Users can view match summaries and interviews of their favourite players, besides getting information about delayed games. The app connects users to the official Real Madrid website and club store as well.

When the app was launched on 19 May, the football club had declared: "This is application is a result of our relationship with Microsoft and will allow us to contact Madrid fans from every continent. We can all enter the virtual stadium and be part of the club, live the experience and get exclusive content. Thanks to this, the dream of sharing a common place, which we who love the club hold, has been made flesh".

The app has been downloaded over 86,000 times from Google Play. Customer reviews vary, with some praising the easy to use app, while others are demanding that more features such as live streaming and faster processing be added.

The upgraded version of the app is expected to offer various kinds of online games. Real Madrid have also claimed that they plan to make their app more interactive allowing fans to communicate with each other and perhaps even club officials.