This shocking image released by police shows three teenagers recklessly hanging onto the back of a moving double decker bus in north London.

Islington police shared the photo, which was taken by a member of the public and given to the Metropolitan Police, on Twitter on Saturday afternoon (10 February). They said: "Three children hanging on to the back of a moving bus. Obviously very dangerous, if you see this kind of activity yourself please call 999."

It is believed that the photo was taken near Archway underground station. Members of the public posted on Twitter to say they had seen two young people engaging in this behaviour for about a month in Upper Holloway Road, and that groups were jumping on buses at the off licence in Wedmore Street, also near Archway.

"This behaviour is extremely reckless and will not be tolerated, said Steve Burton, Transport for London's director of compliance, policing and on street services, according to the Standard.

"The actions of these individuals not only pose a risk to their personal safety, but also the safety of the drivers and passengers."

Anyone who witnesses any similar reckless actions on London's buses is urged to call police on 999 immediately.