Red Band Society
Red Band Society's new episode airs today RedBandSociety/facebook

Fox's new series Red Band Society returns with an all new episode today, 12<sup>th November, 9pm.

Episode 7 is titled, Know Thyself, where we will get to see a singing Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer).

The official synopsis reads:

Kara, Hunter, Jordi and Dash band together in support of Nurse Jackson, whose actions have caught up with her. Emma meets Leo's friends from home and one Red Bander's circumstances change dramatically.

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In episode 6, Jackson was suspended by Doctor McAndrew (Dave Annable), after he discovered that she switched Charlie's (Griffin Gluck) blood sample.

Jackson takes advantage of her suspension from the hospital, and briefly returns to her former passion: singing.

In the promotional pictures for this week, see Nurse Jackson performing at a bar, and Nurse Kenji (Wilson Cruz) and Nurse Brittany (Rebecca Rittenhouse) sitting in the audience.

Red Band Society
Nurse Jackson will be seen performing in a bar in this week's episode of Red Band Society Fox
Red Band Society
Nurse Kenji and Nurse Brittany in Red Band Society Fox

Back in the hospital, one of the Red Bander's circumstances change dramatically. Going by the promo that was released, Dash starts choking blood, after accusing doctor McAndrew of wrongfully firing Nurse Jackson.

The promo teases a "jaw dropping ending" while an ominous voice says, "Charlie."

Here are all the promos: