UN Special Envoy Angelina Jolie has visited a refugee camp in Piraeus, Greece. The actress was greeted by cheers as she met with migrants and was surrounded by a group of children eager to meet the famous star. At certain points during her walk through the camp with the children, Jolie could be heard asking the press to be thoughtful and step back as they pushed closer to her.

On 15 March, Jolie urged world powers to do more to end Syria's five-year war and help the millions who have fled the conflict, as she visited refugees in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. The war has killed 250,000 people, displaced half of Syria's population and created Europe's worst refugee crisis since World War Two. Talks on a political solution are under way in Geneva, but hopes of progress are modest. As a diplomatic solution eludes politicians, simply coping with the growing humanitarian crisis is not a viable alternative, Jolie said.