Reset Connect London
Investors, businesses and government policymakers unite to democratise sustainability action at ‘Reset Connect’, London Climate Action Week’s biggest event. Reset Connect

Returning after last year, the award-winning event, Reset Connect 2023, plans to kick off London Climate Action Week on the 27th and 28th of June. Bringing together investors, businesses and government policymakers, all with a shared vision of democratising sustainability action.

International Business Times UK has partnered with Reset Connect and will be attending the gathering at London ExCel, which aims to foster collaboration, inspire innovative solutions and accelerate the transition to a sustainable and inclusive future.

With sustainability challenges growing more urgent than ever, the event will serve as a catalyst for meaningful change and a blueprint for collective action. Cutting-edge initiatives and technologies, such as renewable energy advancements, circular economy practices and sustainable agriculture are planned to be showcased as viable solutions, with various exhibitions detailing steps towards this change. With sustainability challenges growing more urgent than ever, the event will serve towards meaningful change and a blueprint for collective action.

The main aim of this year's event is the concept of democratising sustainability action, a process which recognises that addressing environmental and social issues should not be limited to a few elite players but should be accessible to all stakeholders. By ensuring that investors, businesses and government policymakers unite in their efforts, Reset Connect acknowledged the need for broad-based participation and cooperation to achieve sustainability goals effectively.

What to expect at this year's event

The event, which has already attracted over 5,000 people, 250 exhibitors and 350 speakers, calls on businesses, financial services, industry and government to reset mindsets, stimulate new behaviours and redefine sustainability.

Expected at Reset Connect are an attract an impressive lineup of attendees, making it a crucial gathering for addressing the pressing challenges of sustainability. The event will bring together influential figures from various sectors, including prominent investors, leading businesses and government policymakers, to manifest actionable takeaways to reach their targets.

With investors as one of the focuses at this year's event, there has been a significant shift in venture patterns, with more focus on sustainable and responsible investment strategies. Investors now recognise that financial returns must be coupled with positive environmental and social impacts. At Reset Connect, discussions will primarily revolve around mobilising capital for sustainable projects, creating investment vehicles that prioritise environmental and social outcomes and integrating sustainability considerations into investment decision-making processes.

The participation of renowned companies such as Google, eBay, Nestle and Microsoft, along with other FTSE100 companies, illustrates the significance of Reset Connect as a platform for driving transformative change, providing an unparalleled opportunity for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. By bringing together companies at the forefront of sustainability efforts, the event will produce a space where they can exchange best practices with the hopes of pushing forward the pressing issue of sustainability in the industry.

Furthermore, the attendance of Members of Parliament such as Chris Skidmore, also the Chair of The Net Zero Review, is crucial to shaping an enabling environment for sustainable development, pushing sustainability to a bureaucratic level, where policies for change can be actioned by figures of governance. These regulatory frameworks and future plans, such as 'The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development' agreed upon back in 2015 by the UK at the United Nations, will, in turn, have a place to produce productive conversations at Reset Connect this June.

The event facilitated constructive dialogues between policymakers and other stakeholders, enabling them to align their efforts, exchange ideas and establish effective public-private partnerships. This collaborative environment is essential for accelerating the adoption of sustainable practices across industries, as companies can draw inspiration and insights from each other's successes and challenges, focusing on not just conversation but action.

The importance of this can be seen expressed by Duncan Reid, CEO and Co-founder of Reset Connect, with him saying: "Each year there is a huge build-up to COP. But each year policymakers and business leaders come away from the event feeling disheartened. Not enough is being done to encourage collaboration, and the format of COP itself fosters exclusivity over accessibility. We're responding by breaking down those barriers."

Reid further added: "Radical collaboration is needed to achieve ambitious climate targets. But we know businesses can't do this alone. Reset Connect is about equipping businesses with the necessary support, connecting investors with viable proposals and creating solid and pragmatic solutions."

As the curtain falls on London Climate Action Week's largest event, the movement towards sustainable action to make fundamental changes in some of the world's leading industries is gaining steam.

The collaboration between investors, corporations and government policymakers exemplifies what can be accomplished when diverse parties work together for the same goal. It serves as a compelling reminder that addressing our time's most critical sustainability concerns necessitates a concerted effort, unwavering dedication and a universal vision of an equitable and sustainable future.

Reset Connect is free to register and attend, ensuring the tools to address climate change and the opportunity to be actively involved in networked change are accessible to all.

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