Diagnosis: Excessive Dancing.

Posted by EPC Sheriff's Office on Friday, January 29, 2016

A video posted by El Paso Country Sherrif's department of a number of their officers, including a Deputy just about to retire, dancing to Silentó's Watch Me has gone viral. People across the world have shared the video 127,000 times and it's been watched over six million times.

The CCTV footage shows retiring Deputy Scherb entering the elevator and playing the song on his phone while showing off his moves. He's then joined by other officers, equally happy to let off a little steam. The dancing only pauses for Chief Deputy Evans, who enjoys the music but doesn't seem as interested in letting go.

Tony Schreb had spent 29 years with the El Paso County Sheriff's Department. They said he had been a "valued member" and "personal friend". "Tony earned the reputation from his peers and supervisors as being highly professional and exceptionally knowledgeable."

"Tony not only dedicated 29 years of service to the Sheriff's Office but he also devoted himself to volunteering in the community. He spent many hours volunteering on Thanksgiving and Christmas at the Springs Rescue Mission serving meals to those less fortunate. He could be counted on to dress up as Santa Claus for a local Club Scout Chapter."