Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 Live Streaming: Emily and Victoria united in 'Abduction' to fight Balcolm Black
Revenge Season 4 airs every Sunday on ABC. Revenge/Facebook

Revenge season 4 returns with another exciting episode and fans can see death enemies, Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson unite in order to escape the abduction ordeal they are facing.

In episode 12, Malcolm Black kidnaps Emily and mama Grayson which prompts them to take the decision to find an escape route together.

Both the nemesis will keep aside their grudges to save themselves from the father of the dead Agent Kate Taylor.

"Who would have thought you and I would die together?" Daniel's mother tells the former Amanda Clarke to which Emily answers, "We need to move fast."

But they will be caught by Black but David and Jack will reach just on time to save the duo.

The official synopsis of episode 13 'Abduction' reads:

"Emily and Victoria must unite in order to survive a harrowing ordeal, and David and Jack rush to rescue them."

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Meanwhile there is a huge buzz that Jack might die in the current season of the ABC thriller.

Gabriel Mann, who plays the popular character Nolan tells TV Line that death is impending for one of the huge character.

"Any one of us could be gone without proper circumstance. They have no qualms about anyone dying on this show. ... We're going real, real, real big this year. It feels like anything further from this show [beyond Season 4] would need to be a variation on what this is. Whether that involves these same characters, or new characters, none of us really know," Mann said.