The drama between Real Housewives Of Atlanta stars Kim Zolciak-Biermann and NeNe Leakes is far from over. The co-stars recently got into a social media feud over a Snapchat video that surfaced on 5 October, which featured Zolciak's daughter, Brielle Biermann, crouching down in Leakes' bathroom while cockroaches crawl across the floor.

The fight culminated with Leakes accusing the Don't Be Tardy star and her daughter of being "racist trash".

Zolciak opened up to US Weekly about the whole incident and slammed the Bravo star. She told the magazine, "It's just ridiculous. [She's] grasping at straws, I feel like. Saying I'm part of the KKK was the demise [of our friendship]."

Biermann continued. "I'm not a part of that, I've never been a part of that. To insinuate something so ridiculous in this day and age when people are actually dying over racism, is pretty gross."

Zolciak-Biermann, who is set to return to the Real Housewives Of Atlanta season 10 after taking time off to concentrate on her show Don't Be Tardy, also posted an inspiring message about being a young single mother on social media.

Alongside a throwback black-and-white photo of her holding baby Ariana, she wrote on Instagram, "Me and my sweet @arianabiermann I had her at 23yrs old and became a single parent close to her delivery! Scared out of my mind ... I can't help reflect back and Thank God for the strength to keep going!"

Urging every single mother to keep believing in her dreams, she continued, "I'm living proof that if you keep on believing miracles can happen!! To every single mother in this world I know it's not easy quite frankly I don't know how I did it, but keep believing and achieving! Dreams do come true!!"

"Nobody could stop me from achieving my dreams and nobody can stop you! STAY STRONG! P.S I have great hair yes and no this isn't a wig this was 16yrs ago ❤️ for sure have the good hair gene," she concluded her post.

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