Wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Fame inductee Ric Flair made an emotional return to television last night (14 November) to surprise his daughter Charlotte after she won the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship.

Charlotte defeated Natalya on the latest edition of Smackdown Live, then cut an emotional promo dedicating the win to her father, who faced and overcame a life-threatening illness over the summer.

The younger Flair said her father "couldn't be here tonight" saying he was at home watching the show as he always does. "I love you dad, this was for you tonight," she added.

Charlotte then headed backstage, but on the entrance ramp Ric's music began to play. The crowd erupted as The Nature Boy appeared and his daughter ran to him with a heartfelt embrace.

Scripted or not, it was clearly an emotional moment for the pair, who cried as they celebrated in front of the audience in Flair's hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Later on, the pair were interviewed backstage for a YouTube video in which they explained how Ric had been there for each of Charlotte's title victories.

"It's always rewarding for a father, whatever their particular endeavour is, to see [your children] excel at this level, especially in a tough, tough business like this," he said. "I'm so proud."

This was Charlotte's first Smackdown Women's Championship. She has also held the Raw equivalent four times and the WWE Diva's Championship once before the title became the Women's championship once more, prior to the brand split.

Flair also won the NXT Women's Championship once, on WWE's developmental brand.

In mid August, Ric Flair had bowel surgery which led to various complications including kidney failure. He was on dialysis for a while afterwards and was kept in hospital. He was discharged on 21 September.