Hideo Kojima's "Death Stranding" is just days away from launch and reviews are collectively praising the game. Since the first teaser trailer, gamers were already treated to a star-studded cast of actors who were digitally captured for in-game elements. Now, its latest commercial looks like an interesting choice for a publicity stunt as Kojima Productions collaborates with "Rick and Morty". The 30-second advertisement for the action-adventure title sees the odd duo travelling along the way in the post-apocalyptic world of the game.

This appears to be a collaboration between the developer and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim segment. GamesRadar highlights the banter between Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith with the former talking about their task. On the other hand, the latter seems to be wearing the protective suit of Sam Porter Bridges, played by Norman Reedus in the game. The creators of the show even went as far as to include the BB Pod and BT sensor.

The humorous exchange between Rick and Morty continues until they talk about the ghosts floating around and leads up to their discussion about the BB Pod. Both are seen speculating at the possibility of BB being a hidden power-up and agree to eventually eat it. While gamers might be amused at how it pokes fun at the gameplay mechanics in "Death Stranding," fans of the show take it as a special teaser for the upcoming fourth season of the series.

In a related news, gamers have recently discovered an Easter egg that allegedly hinted at the game's release date. In fact, Twitter user GermanStrands, posted an image of the logo taken from the 2016 E3 trailer. Eleven of the letters feature eight black strands that link each one together, suggesting the date Friday, November 8, while the beached whales stand for 2019, which is purportedly the year of the whale. Although this is not official, fans of Kojima believe it is within his capabilities to come up with something like this.

Meanwhile, another article talks about what the "Death Stranding" creator plans to do next. "In the future, Kojima Productions will start making films. If you can do one thing well then you can do everything," the user said.

The gaming industry is aware of his passion for filmmaking, which implies a movie might be in the works soon. Nevertheless, using "Rick and Morty" as a platform to promote the game could be a step in that direction.

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