The founder of Pussycat Dolls has rubbished one-time member Kaya Jones' allegations that the members of the all-girls group were a part of a "prostitution ring". Robin Antin has said that the claims made by Jones are '' disgusting, ridiculous lies''.

Speaking to The Blast, Antin said Jones, who has claimed that she had slept with men in order to be in the group, is "clearly looking for her 15 minutes" of fame. Antin has also said that Jones, who was in the group from 2003-2005, was never an official member of the group as she was on a trial basis during the three years.

Asia Nitollano, who was briefly with the Pussycat Dolls in 2007, has also slammed Jones, saying that the latter's "vote does not count".

"Judging from Google she looks like she just wants her 15 minutes of fame. (Side note... it says she's a Trump supporter... but yet she's Canadian, which means her vote doesn't count!!!! ) Same with this comment about The Pussycat Dolls; she wasn't in the group so her opinion doesn't count!!!!" Nitollano wrote on Twitter, according to E News!

Jones in her Twitter outburst had said that the atmosphere was "bad enough" for her to walk away from her dreams. Besides, there was a "$13m record deal". She also termed one of the women in the group "den mother" and called on her to confess why one of her bandmates committed suicide.

"I want the den mother from hell to confess why another 1 of her girl group girls committed suicide? Tell the public how you mentally broke us," she wrote.

It is not clear as to who Jones was referring to in her post but people on Twitter are alleging that she was talking about G.R.L. singer Simone Battle, who committed suicide in September 2014.

"To be a part of the team you must be a team player. Meaning sleep with whoever they say. If you don't they have nothing on you to leverage...Yes I said leverage. Meaning after they turn you out or get you hooked on drugs they use it against you. Correct. Victimising the victim again," Jones said.

She continued: "That's why I have so much respect for our military. I've been through way. But my scars you can't see. At least real war is honest. Why don't we report it? Because we were all abused! I personally have been warned if I tell I know end up dead or no more career."

Kaya Jones
Without naming any member of the band, Jones called on one member of the group to confess why one of the bandmates committed suicide Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images