Rihanna sports leather and spikes at 2008 American Music Awards. Reuters

Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up in 2013, but a new report hints the singer has not put him in the past yet.

According to a Hollywood Life report, Rihanna wants to find a man who "knows how to read her mind", just like Brown did.

"The only person she's ever had an automatic connection with was Chris. That's why she was and continues to be attached to him," a source told the website. "Chris was and remains to be the only man who could read her mind. She loved that about him."

Even though the pair had a very tumultuous relationship, the Diamonds singer still dreams about the way Brown made her feel during the good times.

"She wants that type of connection again, minus all the games and drama," our insider adds. "If she can get that again, she'd be the happiest woman on the planet," the source revealed.

HollywoodLife previously reported that the Barbadian singer was spotted getting steamy with Drake in a studio for a late night recording session on 7 May.

"Most of their time in the studio was spent talking about their future and kissing — lots of kissing!" the insider explained. "Something about being inside a New York City studio together turns them on, especially Rihanna, because it's secretive and seedy."

The source also explained that the two talked for hours inside the studio.

"Once she was inside, Rihanna sat in Drake's lap, straddling him, and they talked for hours," the source added."Sparks were all over the studio. The love these two have for one another is contagious."

Rihanna and Drake maintained a romantic-yet-friendly relationship after she broke up with Brown.