Ever since the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak started to spread across the globe, its impact would be gradually felt by various sectors of the economy. Perhaps industries that rely on supplies and products from China are the most affected. Tech industry analysts are already forecasting stock shortages and reduced production numbers in the coming months. On the other hand, as the epidemic forces people to stay at home, it has created a surprise demand for "Ring Fit Adventure," which is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

It seems that people who isolate themselves from the public to minimise the contagion are interested in ways to stay active. According to a report from Nintendo Life, this demand for the fitness-oriented title has apparently caused artificial shortages in other markets around the globe. What was normally sold for an estimated $79 are being marketed by resellers with a ridiculous markup in price.

Chinese resellers are continuing to buy overseas stock of Ring Fit Adventure in huge quantities to resell in China where the package is currently selling for over $250.

Global shortages viral short videos showcasing the game impact of coronavirus driving up demand. pic.twitter.com/qrLOy9x8hv

— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) February 20, 2020

Sources claim that "Ring Fit Adventure" is currently being sold for over $250 in China. The basic bundle already includes the game, the Ring-Con (a robust and flexible plastic accessory where one Joy-Con is attached), and a Leg Strap (this is what holds the second Joy-Con in place just below the user's thigh). Chinese retailers are purchasing all available stock of the product and taking advantage of the demand by selling way above the suggested retail price.

The shortage of Ring Fit Adventure stock has caused the price to soar in China where it has become a popular product for people who are staying indoors during the coronavirus outbreak.

Standard price is around RMB 600.
Hit RMB 1,000 end of Jan.
Now approaching RMB 1,800 ($250). pic.twitter.com/37uWAc6wz7

— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) February 19, 2020

The game is yet to be officially launched in China, but consumers can still purchase it from other outlets. Nintendo partnered with Chinese multinational holding company Tencent to release the Switch locally last year. While the hybrid console is not region-locked by any means, games published for Chinese audiences cannot be played on units sold anywhere else.

Ring Fit Adventure popular in China
The game has yet to be officially launched in China, yet consumers can still purchase it from other outlets. Photo: Nintendo

This probably comes from the regulations set by the government where it maintains complete control over various entertainment sectors within the country. Thus movies, applications, and games that are deemed inappropriate are immediately banned from circulation. In a related report, the Coronavirus health scare also affected Nintendo's release schedule for one of its special edition units. The "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" limited edition Switch which was slated to launch on Friday, March 13, has been delayed indefinitely.