Rio de Janeiro's City Hall published a video to show off the 2016 Olympic Park with 170 days to go before the opening ceremony. A computer-generated film captures the various venues which will be used during the Olympic Games.

The local organising committee claimed the Park had reached the 97% completion mark at the end of January. Three venues are already completed and ready for the Games; Carioca Arena 1, the Arena of the Future and the IBC (International Broadcast Centre). These are seen in the video but only in their computer-generated versions.

Brazil is at the centre of a Zika outbreak that has spread to more than 30 countries, according to the World Health Organisation. Researchers there are working to determine whether Zika has caused a big rise in cases of microcephaly, a birth defect in which babies are born with abnormally small heads and may have developmental problems.

Several athletes and visitors planning to come to the Olympics have expressed concern about the virus. There are currently no vaccines or treatment for Zika, though research institutes and pharmaceutical companies are working on several possibilities. There is also concern abut the quality of the water. Recent tests commissioned by the Associated Press found levels of disease-causing viruses as much as 1.7m times the level that would be considered hazardous on a Southern California beach.