KJ Alpa shared a video of himself in agony while trying to have a piece of metal removed from his eye.

The "Riverdale" star took to Instagram to reveal that a metal shard somehow latched unto his eye. He did not say when or how it happened but the video clearly showed that it was not a pleasant experience.

"A shard of metal got stuck in my eyeball," Alpa captioned the video which now has over 5 million views as we speak.

Alpa was in pain but he tried hard to hide it by cracking a few jokes. At one point, when celebrity hairstylist Jason Schneidman told him to change position so he could get a better look at his eye under good lighting, Alpa jokingly told him that the camera would be on his bad side.

At first, Schneidman tried to remove the metal shard. He told the actor to move his eyeball so he can see it. He then got a Q-tip but his efforts to remove the metal were futile because Alpa closed his eye.

The 23-year-old "I Still Believe" star then did the work himself with the help of a mirror. He successfully pulled the metal shard out.

"It's actually like I punctured my eye," he said, as Schneidman checked to make sure there was not any piece left.

"You got the piece out, bro. That's the piece that was f*****g in your eye, dude," Schneidman told him.

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Alpa later learned that the metal shard had pierced his eye and left a hole. He gasped "that's just a hole" and took a moment to calm down after being told that he would need to take antibiotics for it. He then broke down.

"You're going to be okay. Stop freaking out," the woman filming told Alpa, then a commotion ensued before the video stopped recording.

Alpa took to Instagram Story thereafter to tell his fans that his eye is doing well. He thanked them for their well-wishes. He also told them that he has a doctor's appointment to have his eye checked just to make sure it does not leave rust.

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