A robber has been terrorising shopkeepers in America by wearing the mask from the "Scream" horror movies during his raids.

The criminal has been using the iconic Ghostface mask to hide his identity while pointing a gun at workers and demanding money during at least three store robberies committed during October 2014 in Oklahoma, US.

CCTV footage showed the disguised assailant order a shop keeper to empty his cash register and hand over proceeds as he brandished a gun.

The shopkeeper, who only speaks Vietnamese, knew to hand over his cash because he had seen similar robberies in films.

Lasaundra Robinson was a customer when the robber raided the store and said the man was not afraid to use his gun.

"He pointed it at the clerk and demanded all the money," Robinson told Koco.com.

"The clerk gave him what he had in the till, but he knew that wasn't all the money he had, so he kept getting anxious. He was pointing [the gun] at me, the clerk, [then] me, the clerk [again]."

"I was just shaking and saying please 'God, don't let him shoot, just don't let him shoot,'" Robinson said. "He pointed [the gun] right into my forehead. It's enough. I just can't come to this store at night anymore; I just can't."

Similar robberies have taken place in England with suspects using the iconic mask from the 90s film to frighten terrified workers into handing over money.

Men armed with an axe and wearing the Scream mask robbed a Bedford man at his home on Halloween last year.

He was bound with tape and tortured as the robbers tried to force another occupant of the property to give them cash.