Madonna's stalker rearrested
Robert Dewey Hoskins appears in court March 7 for sentencing after being convicted of stalking and threatening entertainer Madonna. Reuters

Robert Dewey Hoskins, convicted of stalking and threatening American pop singer, Madonna, was caught on Friday morning, a week after escaping from the Metropolitan State Hospital at Norwalk.

According to Long Beach Police, the 54-year-old inmate walked away unnoticed from hospital on February 3, 2011. Yesterday morning, he was spotted while walking down a street in Long Beach, which is about 10 miles from the Metropolitan State hospital. After confirming his identity, police arrested Hoskins just before 9 a.m. in the morning. He was taken into custody without injury or incident by a mental evaluation team and returned to the hospital, according to a report by Reuters.

In 1996, while Madonna was away from home, Hoskins jumped the fence of her home located at Hollywood Hills and was shot by a security guard. Hoskins was then arrested and was in prison for 10 years, for stalking and threatening Madonna.

In a horrifying display of homicidal tendencies, Hoskins told the singer's assistants he would either marry Madonna or slash her throat from ear to ear as per the report by Press Association. Moreover, Madonna testified Hoskins during the trail she had nightmares about the homeless man from Oregon after seeing him near her home in 1995.

After his release from prison in 2006, Hoskins was sent to the hospital in California from where he was released. Unfortunately, he was arrested again in July and sent to the Metropolitan State Hospital of Norwalk.

Law enforcement officials in pursuit of Hoskins since his escape from hospital have described him as highly psychotic with violent tendencies when not taking medication. They further added he could be extremely violent.