Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Robert-Pattinson-Official/facebook

Looks like Kristen Stewart is really miffed with ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson for hooking up with all her BFFs!

According to a report in the latest edition of Ok! Magazine, Stewart gave her ex a piece of her mind by leaving him a nasty voicemail, addressing the issue. Clearly the Twilight actress is not happy with Pattinson dating any of her best friends.

The magazine stated, "Dakota Fanning, Katy Perry, Riley Keough, Imogen Kerr - What do they all have in common? They're Kristen Stewart's BFFs and Robert Pattinson's latest gal pals!"

Reportedly, this is Pattinson's way of getting back at Stewart who cheated on him while they were in a relationship.

"Kristen thinks Rob is hooking up with them purposely to punish her for the way their relationship ended - and she's ticked. She flipped out on his voicemail," a source allegedly said. "There are thousands of girls in L.A. Why does Rob need to hook up with her friends? He's got to stop using her circle as a dating pool."

Both Pattinson and Stewart have their respective films premiering at Cannes this year and fans wondered what might happen if the two ran into each other. However, as per rumours, Stewart planned her schedule in such a way, that it wouldn't clash with Pattinson's, reports Enstars.

"Kristen avoided coming to Cannes until Rob had left," a source told Hollywood Life. "She does not want to party with Rob right now, he's really hurt her. She can't stand seeing him dating all these other girls, it's too much to take, she loves him and unless he tells her that he wants to get back together she doesn't want to see him, it's too painful right now."