Samsung Galaxy Note
Galaxy Note running on Android 4.1.1 XXLS2 leaked firmware can be rooted. Samsung

The leak of the official Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) update - XXLS2 - has been followed by news a root package for the same firmware has now become available. A custom kernel - HydraCore v7 - is being used to root the Galaxy Note (N7000) on the XXLS2 firmware.

HydraCore v7 Kernel Features

  • Build from latest Samsung Note sources
  • Multiboot InitramFS for all ROM types
  • Patches for full functionality for all ROM types
  • Supports Touchwiz ICS, AOKP, AOSP, CM9, CM10, Jelly Bean, Paranoid Android and MIUI ROMs
  • OC/UV version and a standard frequencies / voltages version
  • Full root
  • Noop scheduler default
  • Tweaked OnDemand governor default
  • A number of IO tweaks
  • Kernel scheduler tweaks
  • Adjusted all CPU voltage tables
  • Realtime CPU temperature, board temperature readouts and VoltGroup information in Settings > About > Kernel Version
  • Optimised VM memory settings
  • Optimised Global block readahead
  • CIFS support with UTF8

Galaxy Note users looking to root devices on Android 4.1.1 XXLS2 may follow this tutorial. IBTimes UK reminds its readers it will not be held responsible for any damage to the device during installation. Also remember this firmware is for the Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000) only.


  • Download USB drivers and enable USB debugging mode
  • Create back-ups of all important data
  • Ensure battery is fully charged
  • Ensure device is factory unlocked

To Root Galaxy Note on Android 4.1.1 XXLS2

  • Download Root ( N7000XXLS2 for Galaxy Note to computer
  • Download Odin v1.85
  • Switch Note off and re-start in Download Mode (to do so press Volume Down, Home and Power buttons till Samsung logo or construction Android robot and triangle appears)
  • Connect device to computer while in Download Mode (a successful connection will be indicated by an ID:COM box turning yellow with a COM port number listed but this may take some time) and start Odin
  • Select root kernel file to install on your phone - click on PDA and select
  • In Odin, click on Start to begin installation, which could take a few minutes
  • After installation, device will restart. Unplug device only after Home screen appears

The Samsung Galaxy Note will now be rooted on Android 4.1.1 XXLS2. This can be verified with Root Checker.

[Source: Team Android]