Life in jail for serial sex killer Rose West has become difficult after her crimes were detailed by a series of Channel 5 documentaries last month, which were watched by other inmates.

A source said fellow inmates were disgusted by the documentaries detailing a string of torture-murders Rose, 61, carried out with husband Fred West at Cromwell Street, in Gloucester. Victims included the couple's own daughter.

For some young inmates at the jail, it was the first time they learned in detail about the depths of depravity plunged by West - which shocked the world when the crimes were exposed in 1993.

"West has been taking some heat in recent weeks over a TV show about her crimes," the source said. "It was seen by most prisoners and brought home the full horror of what she did to those poor girls."

"It really brought it home to the rest of the women just how evil Rose is.

"Many of the girls are relatively young and probably didn't know the full extent of what the Wests did until the show was aired."

West is held at HMP Low Newton in County Durham and has been told she will die behind bars for murdering 10 victims - many of them young women who were sexually abused, killed and then buried beneath the patio in Cromwell Street.

Husband Fred West hanged himself in a prison cell in 1995 before being convicted.