The far-right British National Party (BNP) is to hold a "day of action" in Rotherham as the scandal of Pakistani-heritage men and gangs abusing 1,400 children between 1997 and 2013 shows no sign of abating in the South Yorkshire town.

The BNP said the children of Rotherham have been 'sacrificed on the altar of political correctness', pointing out that an independent inquiry was only commissioned after a five-year campaign by BNP activist Marlene Guest.

Two other high-profile far-right groups in the UK have already sought to exploit the publication of a report into child abuse.

The Doncaster and Rotherham branch of the English Defence League (EDL) staged a minor protest outside Rotherham's police station demanding the resignation of Shaun Wright, the police and crime commissioner for South Yorkshire.

The group previously held a demonstration in Rotherham in May against the "ideology of Islam", which eventually died down, and police confirmed no arrests were made.

Britain First, described as the "probably the only group experiencing growth on the far right", also organised a demonstration at the council building in Rotherham against victims of "Muslim grooming".

Britain First, which came into prominence after a series of "invasions" at Mosques across the UK, described how it "stormed" the building as part of its new campaign in the town "against the council, the police and social services".

Meanwhile, a claim has emerged that in 2002, senior officials at Rotherham council raided the local authority's own youth project, Risky Business, and sensitive files on paedophile gangs were removed by police.

The disturbing claim was made by The Times on the same day it was announced Rotherham's former chief executive, Ged Fitzgerald, is to be quizzed by his current employers at Liverpool council to find out what he knew about exploitation of children by abusers.

Fitzgerald, who is the chief executive at Liverpool council, held the same position in Rotherham between 2001 and 2003. The raid on Rotherham's office of specialist youth service, in which sensitive files were said to have been seized, happened on his watch. He is currently on holiday.

There is no suggestion at this time that Fitzgerald was involved in the raid on Rotherham council premises.

Former top official at Rotherham Council Ged Fitzgerald to be questioned over child sex abuse \"cover up\"
Former top official at Rotherham Council Ged Fitzgerald to be questioned over child sex abuse \"cover up\"

A national outcry has greeted the publication of a report detailing how public bodies in the South Yorkshire town failed to protect vulnerable children in a dereliction of duty that may have prolonged the suffering of 1,400 youngsters.

Outrage has greeted what has been branded buck passing between institutions and senior officials over who was responsible for a catalogue of failures.

Fitzgerald faces questions from Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson about his time at the helm of Rotherham Council.

Anderson said: "I note and am concerned that the Jay Report criticises Rotherham council for not taking the earlier Heal Report [often referred to as the Home Office Report] seriously and will discuss these matters with Mr Fitzgerald as soon as possible.

"Further, I also note that the Jay Report is non-specific and does not name people. I will be seeking further clarification from Alexis Jay and others at Rotherham about Mr Fitzgerald's role."

He told residents of the city that the safety of children was the council's "first" priority.