Two giant teddy bears were delivered to the Lindo wing of St Mary's hospital in London on Friday (1 May).

This was the latest in a series of corporate stunts aiming to capitalise on the intense interest in the birth of Britain's latest royal baby.

With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second child expected any day dozens of journalists and royal super-fans have been camped outside the hospital where Kate is expected to give birth.

And with no official news on the progress of Kate's pregnancy to report the media has been quick to respond to the slightest excitement outside the hospital.

The two 3m high bears, accompanied by two actors dressed as royal guards, were provided by British bookmaker William Hill.

Private Perkins, one of the two guards, said that he expects the baby is coming soon.

"I think in the next five minutes, it's imminent. I think it's going to happen now. We were over in the barracks, we got very excited. We thought we'd come down and obviously give Kate some moral support," he said.

The two bears, which also visited Buckingham Palace and Westminster on Friday, were quickly moved on from outside the Lindo Wing.

There is a large security operation in place outside the hospital and restrictions on media access until the duchess is admitted.