A pair of royal lookalikes made an appearance outside the hospital on Thursday (28 April) where the Duchess of Cambridge will soon give birth to her second child.

The Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall imposters caused a brief flurry of media activity outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in London as they mingled with royal fans.

Dozens of journalists, cameramen and photographers have been waiting for days outside the hospital, with Kate thought to have passed her due date on Saturday (25 April).

Putting on his best royal voice the Prince Charles impersonator said he hoped the William and Kate's second child would be born soon.

"Well as soon as possible I hope because it was due a few days ago actually according to William so I don't know they might have to bring her in and induce her or whatever. Yeah it would be nice if it was tomorrow. Even today would be wonderful because it's their anniversary, Catherine and Will's anniversary or tomorrow because it's Terry's birthday tomorrow. So the sooner the better and one is hoping really that I would like a little girl. It'd be marvellous."

"So excited. I think most of the world is. I think the birth of a new baby is exciting everywhere anyway. We just want it to be healthy," added the fake Camilla.

Some of Britain's most committed royal fans have been camping outside the hospital for days, hoping to be first in line to catch a glimpse of William and Kate's baby when they present it to the world for the first time.

Initially ten fans made the pilgrimage but that number has halved due to the cold April nights, the fans said.

The baby will be fourth in line to succeed Queen Elizabeth, who turned 89 this week, behind grandfather Prince Charles, father William and elder brother George.