As the world awaits the arrival of the second royal baby, there is one person who will not be sending the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a gift.

Josie Cunningham, best known for getting a £4,800 breast augmentation on the NHS in 2013, has launched a scathing attack on Kate Middleton and Prince William, insisting the second in line to the British throne should have had a vasectomy.

In a series of Twitter post, the mother-of-three accused royal watchers of being hypocrites.

"So, the people who call me a scrounger are excited for the Royal Baby today!? You do realise it's your taxes paying for it, right? HYPOCRITES," she stated.

"I understand the royals bring in tourism, but one kids is enough!? Prince William should have had a vasectomy after lil baby George," she added.

Unsurprisingly, Cunningham's remarks were met with a barrage of criticism on social media.

The 24-year-old wannabe reality star, who seemingly revels in public scrutiny, most recently made headlines in 2014 after it was reported she would undergo an abortion so she could enter Celebrity Big Brother.

Although she later refuted the claims, she defended her decision to sell front row tickets to the birth of her third child, insisting it will not be seedy.

"It's not much different to one born every minute. They'll not be sat down there with a camera," she told Eamonn Holmes during an appearance on This Morning . "I'm carving out a stable career for my kids, that's far from a scrounger."

She added: "I'm not looking forward to it to having four strangers there. But it won't be seedy or sexualised. My mum will be there."

Meanwhile, concerns are growing over a superbug that has shut the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital hospital, where Middleton is due to give birth.

Although a spokesperson for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust confirmed "eight were found to be carrying the microorganism", Buckingham Palace said that plans for the birth at the Paddington hospital had "not changed"