Royal fans accused the HBO Max series "The Prince" of making a mockery of Prince Philip, who at the time the show was originally set to air, was already battling with his failing health.

The 12-episode series from creator Gary Janetti was initially set for a Spring release, according to the Daily Mail. But it was pushed back after the royal's death. The show is now available to stream in the U.S. after it premiered on July 29 but has yet to air in the U.K.

Ahead of its premiere, questions rose whether it will still include Prince Philip. This appears to be the case and not only that, it made a mockery out of his illness.

In "The Prince," Prince Philip, voiced by Dan Stevens ("Beauty and the Beast," "Downtown Abbey") is portrayed as someone who is battling with his debilitating illness. In one scene, he is shown gasping for air while at a family dinner. He then tells Prince George to ask his aide to "get the defibrillators ready."

Another scene showed the late duke drooling and vacant and eating pureed food. At one point, he also collapsed on the floor while family members continued to talk around him. There were viewers who took offense to the portrayal of the royal, as they deemed it in bad taste.

"I'm no royal family fan or anything, but seeing as Prince Philip has passed away the way he's portrayed on #ThePrince on HBO is a little upsetting," one wrote on Twitter.

Another commented, "And they also mocked Prince Philip. It was only in April when The Queen had to sit alone at his funeral."

"Never been a fan of the RF but even I'm beginning to feel bad for them. Prince Philip lost his family, home as a young boy, fought against the Nazi regime, and gave a lifetime of service. He was a proud man too. Very sad to see him portrayed this way," one viewer tweeted and another chimed in, "I'm disgusted by it. Even if I didn't like the Royals, it's not even funny."

@hbomax @WarnerMedia They’ve even stooped so low as to include Prince Philip in this vulgar animation, ‘The Prince’! Bullying 3 children (so their parents), & Her Majesty The Queen, who is currently grieving the loss of her husband of 73 years. What a kick in the guts to Royals!

— RoyalBeauty (@StunningRoyal) July 30, 2021

"The Prince" received backlash since its release not only because of its portrayal of Prince Philip. It also depicted Prince George as a spoiled brat and Queen Elizabeth II as a tyrant. Orlando Bloom, who voices Prince Harry in the animated series, previously defended the satirical take on the British Royal Family and said it does not have any malicious intent.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
Prince Philip was married to Queen Elizabeth for seven decades Photo: AFP / Filippo MONTEFORTE